Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Crime Log Mystery

                                                             Chapter 1

Filling my glass of water, I pick up the daily newspaper from my front porch. Groggily my eyes focus on the newspaper. Its 5 AM and I feel like I've been hit by a train. My head is spinning and I can't seem to focus. Seems like all that thrilling late night Netflix binge watching idea had backfired. I couldn't even see that well yet, but I could see well enough to see my name printed at the very top of the crime log. The water that was once in my mouth flew out and onto the newspaper. I was in utter shock/disbelief. My eyes widened and I was no longer tired. I quickly skimmed the log. How could a spy like me get on the front cover of the crime log? And why would I murder and blow up a billion dollar company's headquarters? Millions of questions filled my head. I swear, I never murdered anyone. I must have been framed. This is not good! So long for keeping my identity a secret. The authorities would've found me by now, where are they!?! Speaking of the authorities, why hasn't the US Government sent an extraction team yet. After all, I am a very highly ranked spy. At this point, I don't even care that I busted my cover or that I could loose my job - all that is important now is escaping this wretched place. Thankfully, I had sniper training and was taught how to get out of situations like these. I quickly pack up my important belongings - which currently is, everything I own. The next step to escaping, according to the US Gov Handbook is to disguise yourself, which I always have done. And finally the last step to escaping is : exit the building which I was about to do when I heard and knock on the door and voices saying, "POLICE!, Open up!, You're under arrest!"

                                                            Chapter 2         

Plan B: "Hold on I'm getting dressed", I said. Quiet as a mouse, I promptly opened the window and initiated my cowboy abilities. As the police threatened to break open the door, I lassoed one end of the rope to one of the couches' legs and the other end to the parking lot light closest to my car and pulled out my zip-line handle. Being on the twelfth floor in the hotel, hardly anyone noticed me - a spy disguised as a hiker zip-lining across the parking lot with what looked like a hiking bag. Normally, police would be on my tail by now, or someone would've seen me, but they weren't. Note to Self: Police service in New Mexico is really faulty. From what I had heard, there were only 3 officers at the door. Once at my car I revved up my engine and got ready to go when 3 police cars came into the parking lot.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

I.Q. : Kitty Hawk (Book Three)

          Boone, Angela Tucker, and Q (Quest) Munoz are tailing a Chevy Tahoe which currently held two ghost cell operatives, Malak Tucker - an ex Secret Service agent, and none other than Bethany Culpepper - the presidents daughter. For a long time now, the ghost cell has been bombing random locations including places near the White House. The SOS (Some Old Spooks) team is hunting down ghost cell operatives one by one. They followed the black Chevy Tahoe for hours down highway I-95 not wanting to hurt Malak (Angela's mother) or Bethany. 
          A few hours later, four black Chevy Tahoe's stop at a rest station and switch cars. Knowing that they are being watched, the ghost cell operatives cover Malak and Bethany with a tarp that prevented anyone from sensing their heat signatures. That prevented the SOS team from knowing exactly which Tahoe they were in. So the team followed all four of the Tahoe's hoping to find Malak and Bethany in one and hunt down the others. 
          In this hunt for the ghost cell, trust is key. Without trust, the whole operation is down the drain. For example, Malak trusted Boone to take care of her daughter Angela and the President trusted Malak to keep his daughter safe. 
          I would recommend this book to anyone looking for mystery and suspense. This book is full of surprises and can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What I Did This Weekend

"What happened to you?", Ashley asked unwrapping her blueberry muffin. "My neighbor happened", I said groaning. "I'm just going to choose not to ask about that. Anyway, what did you do this weekend?", Ashley asked, finishing up her (mini) muffin and reaching for another one . "My neighbor destroyed the universe", I replied. Ashley looked outside the window sky was still there, the grass was still on the ground, and the sun was still shining.'If I had hired her neighbor to destroy the universe for me, I would demand my money back because that neighbor clearly didn't do a good job of it.', Ashley thought. "Alright, fine, I'll ask - What did your neighbor do? Oh, and I only asked because of that face you were making at me earlier that said 'talk to me or else'", said Ashley. I began my story.
       "Britney was at my house on Friday night for a sleepover and suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was 1:00 in the morning so I was pretty curious about who it would be at that time of day. I suspected that the person who lived underneath us came to complain about how loud we were. I was trying so hard to be quiet because I had never lived in an apartment before and wanted to keep all my neighbors happy. But, it turned out that my suspicion was wrong. I looked through the peephole and saw a lady standing there. I was then really confused because, A: The person who lived under me did not look like that and B: It was one a.m and no sane person would be visiting others at this time. For some reason, I open the door and see the lady. I vividly remember how she looked, and this was because of her awkward night look. Her brown hair was spiked and she was wearing a white dress with blue shorts. The lady introduced herself as Michelle. And I told her my name. She apparently was there to welcome me to the building and gave me a bottle of wine to welcome me. I said Thank You for the kind gesture. Just as I am about to close the door, she asks me if she could come in. Again, I make a mistake of letting her in but felt more comfortable because Britney was there. She compliments my apartment. And at this point, I am really confused. She again mentions that she wanted to welcome me to the building and then randomly brings up the price of the wine ($50). I say that I was sorry if I and Britney were being too loud. 'No, I came up here to get your phone number just in case you ARE being too loud '. At one point, she apologizes for the time that she came at. I choose to forgive her thinking that maybe she's bad at keeping track of time. When she left the house, Britney and I were completely dumbfounded because she seemed like a nice lady but her time management was really bad. After a few minutes, she texts me and appologizes for the timing issue. Britney

Meet October 24th

Today, I went for a meet at Stevenson High School. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about waking up at 6:40 or even going there but I guess I had no choice. This morning, I trudged out of bed and started my daily routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face. For breakfast I had milk, which was quite surprising, considering the fact that last time I had a meet I ate brunch. 

When I got there with my sister the coach rushed us to the warm-ups because we were late. I was disappointed that I got to swim only two laps because of my late arrival. What really surprised me was the number of people in the lane I was swimming in. The line was about twelve yards long. After the warm-ups, we had to wait for a long time before the actual races began. At that time, my sister realized that her swimming was in the afternoon and that there was no point being there at seven o’clock in the morning. 

My first event was 50m freestyle, which is the stroke I’m most proud of. I was really hoping that my time would be 40 seconds or below, but unfortunately I got 3 seconds beyond my goal was (second place). After that event, I had to wait for another half an hour until my next race. My next race was 50m backstroke, another stroke that I am comfortable with. Although this was one of my best strokes, I had a stomach ache and my head felt as it were about to explode because of the tight swim cap that I was wearing. Because I was nervous, I kept on asking the coach about flip-turns and what not. When I went to the designated waiting area for my heat/event, I realized that I didn’t have my goggles on. I rushed back to where my stuff was kept, grabbed my goggles and ran back to my lane. When it was my turn, I jumped in the water. Beep!, went the horn and I took off. When I finished, I looked at the scoreboard. I got second place again! I returned to where I was sitting and got news from the coach that I could practice. I was glad because I was doing something I had never done before at a meet. So, I practiced for about ten minutes, and after that I felt ready. I raced against 4 girls of my age and got third place. Overall I think that this was one of my best meets! ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paw Paw VS Ma and Pa

A person in my life that I have vivid memory of is my grandpa. When I was small, I couldn't say 'Grandpa', so 11 years ago, Albert Latronya became Paw Paw. To all of my siblings grandpa was full of fun - In fact, he was entirely made of fun. We all remembered all of his favorite expressions, which would make our day. Paw Paw would yell,"No way, Cleo!", Grandpa would yell, and in response we would shout back, "Yes way, Cleo!". My younger siblings would tell him about parts of their day such as school, ballet, and their pets, and at random times during the story, Grandpa would roar out, "No kidding!". Times like these reminded me to remember that life should be fun and anything but dull. I, the oldest of my siblings remembered the most about Grandpa but we all remember how very predictable his clothing was. For one, he was always wearing a short sleeved shirt with a pattern of either stripes or plaid. The loose shirt would cover his big round belly. When Paw Paw wasn't relaxing, he'd be in the garden pulling weeds and planting flowers and vegetables. I remember how his hands felt after the gardening, like paper. I knew Paw Paw was very proud of us nine, although he had never said it. Alas, he had died 1 winter ago from a heart attack. I remember Paw Paw when I look at the pictures on the walls. One of them is me with Paw Paw and we're reading a comic book upside down. He did this so that we could laugh together. I will remember that marvelous event and how much he loved me - unlike Ma and Pa would ever. Ma and Pa were very nice and friendly people if you had met them, and they would've told you everything that happened in their household except for the reality. The reality, which they had never shared with anyone, was that they were completely insane. Once I had gotten an - A on my test and they beat me until I cried. They did the exact same with my nine siblings. Paw Paw was the only member of our family that treated us like actual human beings. My parents only cared for our good grades. Dear reader, you must now be wondering how Paw Paw would tolerate his own daughter treating us so poorly - and the answer to that is that he couldn't control her. They absolutely despised and treated us like slaves. Over the years of misfortune, I have observed a pattern in their behavior. Cleo, my nine year old brother is one sharp kid. He get A+'s on every test, and gets treated better. He started to win awards for his amazing brain, such as the Spelling Bees, etc. These awards led to cash prizes, and that's when things started to get out of hand (not that they were in hand but....). Ma and Pa went completely insane - and this time I mean it - they went crazy about all of the money that Cleo was getting from his cash prizes. They began spending time counting their (Cleo's) money and forgot to feed us. That's when at night, we started to go to Paw Paw's house and eat a hearty dinner there, while watching TV. The funny thing is that Ma and Pa hardly noticed that we were gone. And so, that is the BIG difference between Paw Paw and Ma and Pa.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Missing: Slender Man

         There was a girl.She had been in the woods/forest, all day because she was mad at her parents so she escaped into the forest through her backyard. That night, she came back. At first everything seemed normal. Her parents were gone, though they hadn't told them where to. She went upstairs to her room when she heard a tapping on the front door. She ran down thinking it was her parents but when she opened it nobody was there. She shut it quickly. She ran upstairs as lights all around the house started flickering. Somebody downstairs had turned on the radio. She kept her door locked. Soon she was so scared, she called the police but once she hung up there was something sliding on her window. It was a white hand writing something on her cold dark window. It wrote: Always Watching, No Eyes. At this point she was freaking out - although she never screamed fearing that whatever had just done those things would use her fearfulness against her. Foolishly - when the doorbell rang she went to answer it thinking it was the police. Surprisingly, there was nobody found at the door which led her to search for whoever had Ding-Dong Ditched her, completely forgetting about all of the terrifying things she had just seen. Being a total numskull she exited her house and set out to find the DDD (Ding-Dong Ditcher) and, in the process of doing that she basically supposedly got lost or disappeared. That night, when her parents came home from the hospital they couldn't find her anywhere!
         Ellen and Robert Smith rushed to the home phone and quickly dialed 911 after loosing hope in finding their girl.  It was nearly 3:00 AM so the only thing Ellen and Robert could do is hang up missing posters for her or just hope for the best. In the morning, they headed to the neighbor hood detective - Leroy Brown, also known as Encyclopedia Jones for his astounding intelligence. As Ellen and Robert skidded to a stop at 923 Greencort Grove Ln, Palatine, CA."Satisfaction for only 25 cents at...",started Leroy. "Yeah,yeah,yeah", said Robert,"We know the rest of your line - but right now we need help. Our daughter Sydney has gone missing and we can't seem to find her anywhere". Leroy frowned, clearly disturbed. He looked through his files of clients he had the past one month. "According to my files there have been many missing people in Southern California so I think you all might be in luck. You see, Sally and I had been searching for clues for this problem an we've seemed to have found something quite handy", he said holding up a wrinkled piece of paper." The person who's been doing these things probably left this behind",Leroy pointed to the piece of paper with their names on it. This is the list of people who have had missing members of the family". Underneath Ellen's and Robert's name was one last name - the one and only Wodehouse's. The Wodehouse's were the grumpiest people in the neighborhood and were really hard to convince, but both of the Smith parents were determined to get their daughter back and believed that they could somehow find a way to persuade the Wodehouse's into getting out of the house. After trying to get int their house 12 times they agreed on one thing."If they're not getting out of the house we're getting in", and with that the Smith's and Leroy went to start their mission."Leroy, go to the front door and have both the Wodehouse's occupied while we get in through the back door."Stalling - my specialty!", Leroy said happily." We'll set up the trap". Sally suddenly emerged from the house. "Can I help?", asked Sally,"Tootsie is hogging the TV"." Sally will help you guys with the trap". With that, they set out to put their plan in action. Knock,knock. Mr.Wodehouse had opened the door. "What?", he boomed. "This is an important issue, so I need Mrs.Wodehouse to be here too". "Get over here", he yelled to Margret Wodehouse. "What do you want?", they asked at the same time."Well..... you see I just needed to tell you that um...... your garden needs to be mowed or else........ you will have to be arrested? The two of them looked at their perfectly cut lawn and blinked at Leroy like he was blind. "What are you actually here for?", asked Mr. Wodehouse.
         Meanwhile Ellen, Robert, and Sally were busy setting up the net in the living room. "I've got to say, I'm impressed - considering how dreadful their house looks on the outside, this is quite a lovely looking house", Sally said looking at the antique's, and furniture. "You know what they all say", Robert said,"Never judge a book by its cover". There was a moment of silence before all of them started laughing hysterically. A young child began walking down the extensive stairs. "Hide and be quiet - some kids have impeccable hearing".
         "I actually wanted to ask if you wanted to get free samples of  Lady Bird Scout cookies". "Hmmm". After a moment of silence they started letting out these high pitched penetrating squeals which sounded really close to a pigs." We've always wanted to get access to the Lady Bird  Scout cookies"!, they yelled. For such groutches they are pretty gullible (Im not even a girl).

Saturday, July 4, 2015


          The sound of rain reached my ears as I ran through the house looking for the portal. It had to be real. The dream was all too real to just have been a dream. So I searched and searched in every spot and nook in the pocket-sized house. I searched for half an hour but still nothing. I was dissatisfied. Maybe it was just a dream and I just couldn't believe it to be fake. After I looked again, I gave up all hope and stepped into my closet, closing the door with a slam. The portal wasn't in the closet - it was in the kitchen, but I had already checked there and had found nothing that resembled the portal. But I stayed in the closet looking up at the chipped cream colored ceiling. It had to be real, it felt too real. The sounds and the views were much too detailed to be my imagination. Ever since I was a kid I was never really that imaginative. Everyone had told me that I had no imagination at all. That wasn't true though because if the dream wasn't real, It had to be my imagination. That can't be right, I thought because then again I had no imagination. I removed my eyes from the ceiling and looked around the closet. It could be possible that my vision/dream/imagination was wrong and the portal was actually in the closet. So I looked behind all the clothes and in the boxes when a set of bright red eyes met mine. My right hand covered my mouth just as I was about to scream. I bit my nails, blinking multiple times to see if the person in the closet would disappear. I was afraid not only because there was a person in my closet but also because that "person" was the Dark Lord from my dream. He was the reason I had woken up and searched the house for a portal that had led me to the closet. " Seems like I did bring you back home", he said with his most frightening voice. "If you are happy to be back, I will gladly take you back into your dream". He didn't want to see me happy and instead wanted to see me afraid and helpless, as he wanted with every other person in the world. I didn't speak, I couldn't let him know that I want to go back , he would just keep me here. He laughed, standing up, his black coat flying around him. "I see what you are doing, you want to come back. You think you can trick me into letting you go". He walked to the closed doors of my closet and spoke again,"The only problem with that is that...... you cannot trick a trickster". And with that he vanished into a whoosh of black smoke. That was how I ended up here trapped in the closet lonely and helpless.